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📍 2572 Birchmount Road, Scarborough, Ontario

At Bong Lua again today, and straying away from my usual order… I’ve decided to try their popular Crab Vermicelli which most Yelpers have been talking about on their reviews.

I decided to give it a go since the pictures taken look pretty damm awesome and I enjoy eating crab.

The noodles took longer than usual, and I believe it’s because of the preparation that goes into this order. It took maybe about 15 minutes for this baby to come out of the kitchen and onto my table.


Upon first impression, I was amazed at this creation because the amount of crab meat they gave was pretty insane. There was also pieces of tomato, which I’m assuming is used for the soup base besides the crab.

It smelt soooo good and heavenly. When I got my order, people around were looking and asking the waitress what it was, etc…. but I tucked in despite all the stares.

Crab Vermicelli
Tucking in now!

I can see why people rave about this dish so much! It was really good. The broth was light and you can taste the crab flavour in it. The vermicelli noodles paired well with the crab meat as the meat was soft and chewy. But because they gave alot of meat, it made the meat thick and chunky, which went well with the thin aspect of the vermicelli noodles.

I was so full at the end of this meal, and I didn’t even finish it!!
This was my leftover portion… I still had a ton of crab meat left. I felt bad because I felt like they had put a lot of effort into this dish but I was seriously stuffed at the end of it.

Crab meat

The dish itself was amazing with tons of crab meat, noodles, and the broth was light with a slight sweetness because of the tomatoes.

Do I like it though?
Not really because after eating it, I felt sick of seafood (due to so much crab meat) and was full due to the soup and the noodles but I felt as if I did not consume any meat at all. So it wasn’t very satisfying at the end of the meal…

I can understand why people really like this dish and I’m glad to have tried it, except it just wasn’t for me. I do recommend it though! For the value, it was definitely worth the wait.

Till next time, ♥

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