Old Firehall Confectionery 🍰🍫

📍 170 Main Street, Unionville, Ontario

Back with more sweet treats from Old Firehall Confectionery!

I do quite adore their macarons because I find them slightly larger in size compared to some stores. Instead of a box, they packaged it into a plastic bag this time and it was still appealing, although I prefer the box.

Old Firehall Confectionery

I bought 4 flavours this time around again, because 2 is too little and 6 is a little too much, hahaha. They only display a handful of flavours and switch it up per daily (I’m assuming).

This time I tried the Litchi Rose, Lavender, Chocolate and Matcha flavour

Litchi Rose, Lavender, Chocolate & Matcha

Litchi Rose – I found the presentation super cute with a “petal” effect. It smells quite rosey and tastes as good as it smelt. I was able to taste more of the chocolate filling in this macaron. 4/5

Lavender – I’ve tried this before (read: Old Firehall) and I still love it! A mixed hint of both chocolate and lavender! 4.5/5

Chocolate – The plaque card for the chocolate macaron indicated that it would be 70% bitter, and I was quite afraid of how it’ll taste. But I couldn’t taste much of the “bitterness” till the end. & It wasn’t as bitter as I thought. It tasted more of a rich chocolate rather than bitterness. I give it a 4/5 πŸ™‚

Matcha – Matcha is Matcha and tasted like authentic matcha due to the bitterness that came with the flavour. Although some of the fillings melted… but could still taste the fillings. 3/5

Each of the macarons round up to about $3 each.

Though most of the flavours this round appealed to me, most of the fillings could only be tasted at the end. There wasn’t enough filling to the entire macaron which I felt an inconsistency in their service, as compared to my first experience last time.

With the reputation that Old Firehall has, I was expecting more consistency in their products, but they do sell huge amount of things, so I suppose inconsistency here and there is forgivable. This is my only 2nd trip here to grab macarons but I do wish I had more filling within the macaron to enjoy it more.

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Till next time, ♥

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