Scaddabush 🍝🍕

📍 580 Progress Ave, Scarborough, Toronto

Opposite the Town Centre, right next to the Jack Astor’s, Scaddabush opened up a location in Scarborough!

It was hard to spot at first, seeing how it was RIGHT next to Jack Astor’s. I mean, the entire building is connected and the two restaurants even share the same washrooms! But with the sparkly night lights that glittered the patio, it guided us to Scaddabush.

We sat on the huge table that was pretty close to the entrance and it was massively big, along with high stools. It was quite odd. Actually, the entirety of Scaddabush’s decor was quite odd to me – more on that later 😉 .

Focusing more on pastas for our orders, we got the Baked Penne Carbonara which had parmesan cream sauce, smoked bacon, scallions, garlic, black pepper, topped with a soft poached egg!

I’m not a fan of penne as a pasta, I like penne when it’s with a salad. So I don’t really like this as much. The egg was definitely soft and yolky, bits of bacon where sprinkled everywhere which was great too. But definitely won’t be my first choice.

Our server came by after to ask if we wanted any pepper or cheese for our dishes as well 🙂 !

Baked Penne Carbonara

I got the Fettuccine Capri which had shrimp, scallops, PEI mussels, squid, roasted red peppers, scallions, lemon zest and tomato sauce.

Tomato sauce turns me off. Wow, picky eater much Teri?  No… I just know what I like 😛 Heehee. But I really like seafood! So I still got it anyways and I really really enjoyed it 🙂 .
Though some parts of the pasta were clumped together (which I avoided), the sauce was good and had tons of seafood in it!

At Scaddabush, there are several sizes: small, large and social. Social size is to share with a group of friends… I wasn’t feeling too hungry that day, so I got a small size. Even then, the small size is pretty huge. My friend got the Fettuccine Capri in the large size and it was like humongous! She definitely couldn’t finish it, so she gave some to the others.
However, some dishes like the Baked Penne Carbonara only came in one size.

I added cheese to my Fettuccine Capri because who doesn’t love cheesy pastas?!

Fettuccine Capri
With cheese on top! 🙂

First and foremost, my dish was at least a 3.5/5…
However, one of our friends ordered one of the pizzas, and it was extremely salty! It was horrible. & Another friend had ordered another set of pasta as well but her portion came out to be smaller even though they were both a large size.

Not only that, the entirety of Scaddabush to me, just seems really unorganized? or there’s no consistency in themes? Everything was neither here or there.

It was my first time visiting Scaddabush, and have not been to any other locations so I’m not sure if this was like a thing they do for their restaurant.

To sum it up:

  • Decor:
    • Their tables were of all shapes and sizes… small tables but also really large tables (like ours with the high stools), as well as booths.
    • Their decor was a mix of textures and tiles – so one minute it was hardwood, and then they have elements of brick as well in random places. Plus they had a pinata of a random face? I can’t explain it, just look at my picture that is attached to my Yelp review!
  • Service:
    • All of the servers and hostess in the restaurant were young, not saying it’s a bad or good thing but just observation.
    • Not sure why there was so many people on the floor but half of the people weren’t doing anything? They were walking around or simply standing in a corner talking to each other. Our server was literally taking care of at least 6 tables alone. Kudos to him.
    • At one point, a girl came up to our table with the pepper and cheese and asked us if we wanted any for our meals, but we didn’t even have any of our food yet…. What. The??
    • There was a live DJ present, which was absolutely not needed in my opinion as they also had TVs showing sports.
    • There was also at least 4 hostesses but I really don’t see the point of having 4 hostesses. The front entrance table could barely even fit all 4 of them.
    • Lastly, a body guard was right at the entrance. A body guard?? If someone could kindly explain to me about why a body guard is needed, please do.
    • So so many question marks…
  • Ambiance
    • I really didn’t like the ambiance of Scaddabush… it was too loud from the music. I could barely even hear people from across the table speak.
    • Scaddabush did however, provide plates on the table for us incase we wanted to share our meals!
    • The glass water jug they provided also reminded me of my time at Montréal 🙂

With the inconsistency in food, service, decor and ambiance, I would probably not go back. Even though my dish was a 3.5/5 and I am intrigued to try the Lobster Pasta, this experience makes me not want to go back. I could probably go elsewhere to grab pasta with a better set of ambiance that I will enjoy.

PS: Happy World Pasta Day!

Till next time, ♥

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