Potato Soup of Bai 🍠🍜

📍 Food court @ Pacific Mall @ 4350 Steeles Ave E, Markham, Ontario

Having the longest queue in the food court of Pacific Mall and with “Potato” in their name, I definitely had to check them out!

With the menu hard to see from the distance I was standing, the lady at the cashier gave me a pamphlet to read their food options. It helped so much! The lady at the cash was also taking orders and knew Cantonese, Mandarin and bits of English.

I settled my order on  A7 – Pig Intestine Potato Noodle in Soup because I haven’t had pig intestine in awhile and I wanted to give the potato noodles a go! Plus, it was spicy with a chilli symbol beside it.

After paying and grabbing a number card from the lady, I waited for my meal.

Number card

After calling out for my number, I went to grab my meal which also came with a free cup of tea. It smelt so good and looked so yummy!

A7 – Pig Intestine Potato Noodle Soup
Pig Intestine, potato noodles, bok choy and several other ingredients

I fell in love with the chewy noodles and chewy pig intestine. I haven’t had pig intestines for awhile and this bowl of noodles satisfied my love for pig intestines! The noodles were oh-so-chewy and definitely kept me wanting more.

However, there were a few ingredients in there that I didn’t know what it was and it tasted odd. It was pretty tiny and tangled up with the noodles a lot, so I picked them out while eating. It was yellow, pretty stringy but had a texture to it. The taste just seemed odd to me. I believe another ingredient in there was also seaweed, which I’m okay with.

The soup was hot and yummy, but I didn’t taste an ounce of spice (not surprised at this point in my life), but it still had a yummy flavour to it. It was very soothing to drink it. They also gave a lot of pig intestines that I couldn’t finish it.

The tea that they gave tasted quite odd, it was super sweet and was difficult to keep drinking it. But there’re tons of other drink options around in Pacific Mall you can grab from instead of drinking the tea, which was what I did.

I also found out that Potato Noodle Soup of Bai opened a dine-in restaurant up in Unionville due to its success! Pretty crazy!

I have not been a fan of the food in Pmall’s food court, but now I’m happy to say that I’ve found a place to grab an actual meal in Pmall! 🙂

Till next time, ♥

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