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📍 5461 Yonge St, North York, Toronto

Right after a good meal of Soondubu, my friends and I headed over to Sweet O’Clock for some chats over dessert!

We entered because it didn’t seem busy inside, which was around 7pm. When we sat down, our waitress asked us how long we were going to be staying for, which I thought was odd because it seemed like she was chasing us out (ish). But because it was fairly empty, and we kind of convinced her that we’d just eat quick and be on our way, she let us stay.
She also mentioned that we all had to buy something, but she turned a blind eye for us this time (since we also mentioned that we were going to share upon ordering).

My friend A had actually mentioned this to me that Sweet O’Clock was a go-to spot for desserts but after a few visits, the store apparently developed a rule that each person needed to purchase something in order to dine in, and she stopped going after that because the rule was ridiculous.

But for some reason, our waitress had a soft spot and turned a blind eye on us… but I’m not sure if this would be the case every time.

Besides all of that in the beginning, our stay was actually quite pleasant.
We ordered pretty quick and our food came within 10 minutes of ordering which isn’t long if you have friends to chat with 🙂

We came here for desserts, but Sweet O’Clock also offers meals, snacks, bubble tea, and other sorts of desserts!

The Supreme Mango Crushed Ice (think that’s the name) came first.
If you love mangos, this is your dish!!
Fresh cut mangos on top of shaved ice, combined with condensed milk and topped off with mango ice cream… It’s mango heaven, that’s for sure.

Personally, I’m not a fan of mangoes. So I ate more of the other dessert we ordered instead 🙂

Supreme Mango Crushed Ice

Next, we ordered the Matcha Shaved Ice with Red Bean Ice cream + Lychee Jelly + Red bean toppings!

I didn’t think it’d be that big, but it was basically a mountain, topped with red bean ice cream.

Matcha Shaved Ice
+ Lychee Jelly + Red bean toppings

I’ve tried Matcha Shaved Ice before from Pastel as well, but I have to say that I liked Sweet O’Clock’s matcha shaved ice better.

The flavour was stronger and could definitely taste the bitterness in the matcha as compared to the one at Pastel which just didn’t have any flavour. Plus, I like the different textures combined… the chewiness of the lychee jelly, the sweetness from the red bean ice cream… All in all, it seemed better put together than Pastel.

If you’re asking me which Matcha Shaved Ice is better, I’d say Sweet O’Clock.

The desserts and atmosphere in the restaurant were great. Our waitress was nice and sweet.
But how do you expect one person to finish that all by themselves? I really hope Sweet O’Clock changes that “rule” soon.

Till next time, ♥

PS: Happy Lunar New Year everyone! 😀 . This year is the Year of the Rooster 🐔!

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