5 Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is coming up!

Whether you’re celebrating with your boo, with your gals, or by yourself (because self love + “me” time is super important), I’ve come up with a list of gifts that is different from the cliché roses and chocolates. Don’t get me wrong – roses and chocolates are always welcome, but a little switch up or mini additional gifts won’t hurt 😉


  • If your boo loves painting her nails, a simple and easy gift would be to buy nail polishes of her or your favourite colour. If you’re having a Galentine’s party, what better than to kick off with massive stay-at-home medi-pedi? If you’re chilling at home by yourself, throw some movies on while you wait for your nails to dry! I mean, seriously, you can’t go wrong with nail polishes.
  • You can grab nail polishes at Shopper’s Drug Mart, Walmart, Sephora… loads of options!


  • Personally I find gift cards a great gift, but only if it’s the stores I actually visit. If your significant other is a Starbucks lover, grab them a Starbucks gift card and load it up with $20 – You’re essentially buying them about 4 drinks (depending on the drinks, of course). Plus, Starbucks has some cute looking ones! 🙂


  • Or any other streaming subscription! Who watches television these days? Haha, I know I live off Netflix. It’s a great option to turn it on when you have company over, even if the company is just you and a bowl of popcorn.


  • If you live in Toronto, you know that winter is harsh. A blanket scarf is literally a life-saver from the cold. It’s a blanket you can wear in public without being judged. & Trust me, you can bury your face in this while walking in the cold. It’s soooo warm and so helpful for the winter season! It’s definitely an investment, I mean, I have two already and am considering getting another…
  • You can check out Aritzia or Zara have ton of options for blanket scarves! Plus sales are on right now, 😉 .
From Aritzia ~


  • The particular one that is shown in my photo is the Instax Mini 8! The Instax Mini 8 has lots of cute colour options – buy one in your significant other’s favourite colour! A polaroid camera is a cute gift for capturing memories and it’s fun to see the film develop after taking the picture 🙂
  • You can snag a Instax Mini 8 is at Urban Outfitters or BestBuy! Be sure to buy at least a pack of film so you can snap pictures together on the first day 🙂

This is my first ever post doing something like this, I hope you enjoy it.
To more in the future! 😀

*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored in any way. All ideas and suggestions are my own.

Till next time, ♥




  1. February 7, 2017 / 11:54 PM

    You didn’t list the Rilakkuma plushie! I want it lol 🙁

    • helloteri
      February 8, 2017 / 3:11 AM

      My sister’s friend was giving it away so my sister snagged it for me!! I don’t know where she got it from, sorry Jess 😔

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