Northern Light Show at Parliament Hill

📍 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Parliament Hill - Northern Lights Show - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - HELLOTERI
Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada

Finally getting to post about my short trip to Ottawa, late last summer. I went for a few days to visit Canada’s capital city. Toronto is often mistaken as the capital of Canada… The correct answer is Ottawa, Canada!

Parliament Hill is a must-see when visiting Canada’s capital. I would say it’s comparable to visiting the White House when you’re in Washington, DC, USA. The architectural buildings were beautiful to see. There are also free tours you can attend and go inside the building but I opted out of those. Wide space with ample greenery, there were people playing sports or having picnics on the grass.

I saw a poster for The Northern Light Show which caught my attention as we were venturing around Ottawa. The event is held every night from Mondays – Fridays, from July – September. As a tourist (LOL), I decided to give it a go because I thought this idea was creative and pretty cool!

I arrived 10 mins before the show started and it was packed!! People brought lawn chairs, blankets, food, drinks and it was busier than I thought. I would recommend bringing a blanket or something though. I was definitely not prepared and sat on the pavement instead.

Parliament Hill - Northern Lights Show - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - HELLOTERI
Snippets of the Northern Lights Show in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The light show lasted around 30-minutes which talked about more historical events about Canada. Would definitely recommend attending once if it’s your first trip to Ottawa or if you’re interested in history. I found it enjoyable – I was more fascinated at the light show and how it perfectly fits against the building! Kudos to whoever came up with this idea for a tourism attraction. What made me really happy was when the National Anthem came on and everyone in the crowd stood up for respect which symbolizes both locals and tourists who respect our own/other country’s national anthem – it was a beautiful experience.

PS – If the weather is bad, they will cancel the light show. The Northern Lights have a Twitter account that keeps updates about when the show it/if it’s still ongoing. So you can keep an eye out for that if you plan to go!

Till next time, ♥

For more about the Northern Light Show – Govt of Canada – Northern LightYelp


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