Sash Gelato Cafe

📍 43 William Street, Ottawa, Ontario

Sash Gelato Cafe - Menu of Gelato flavours - HELLOTERI
Sash Gelato Cafe – Menu of Gelato flavours

I seem to be hitting all the right spots at Ottawa because I keep revisiting the same places. August heat made me crave something cooling and we stumbled upon Sash Gelato Cafe. Sash Gelato Cafe offers a huge variety of gelato flavours, sorbet, pastries and coffee. The service I received during both visits were amazing. The process was smooth, employees were helpful and friendly. Inside the restaurant, they have ample seating and cute decor. They also have a little bench just right outside the store to enjoy the weather.

I tried the Tiramisu flavour on my first visit and was completely blown away – I absolutely loved it! It left such a good impression on me that it influenced me to come back and try their other flavours. I was split between Salted Caramel and Hazelnut but went with Hazelnut and it didn’t wow me as much as the Tiramisu did. I also had a sample of their Strawberry Cheesecake flavour and found it ‘okay’. I personally found the flavour very heavy.

Sash Gelato Cafe - Hazelnut Gelato - HELLOTERI
Sash Gelato Cafe – Hazelnut Gelato

With ample gelato flavour options, cute interior design and above-average service, I would definitely like to come back to Ottawa for the Tiramisu flavour again and to try the others.

Till next time, ♥

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