The Dumpling King

📍 3290 Midland Ave #2, Scarborough, Toronto

Today, I’m going to introduce you to The Dumpling King! It’s located in the same plaza as Korean Grill House and CoCo at Midland and Finch.

I came here with my parents and they did the ordering so forgive me as I don’t know the name of these dishes.

Clear glass noodles with vegetables and pork balls in soup!

This is probably one of the best dishes I’ve tried when I came here! It’s a simple dish of soup, glass noodles, vegetables and pork balls. It comes in a stand with a heat source at the bottom, ensuring that the soup is always hot. I love the broth! It’s very soothing and yummy. Love this dish!! 🙂

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Zooming in!

Next up, we ordered some spicy pig intestines – which were so so yummy! This is biased as I love pig intestines. They’re just so chewy! This dish also came with quite a number of onions.

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Spicy Pig Intestines

We also ordered these beef wraps. I only had one, they were okay to me as I couldn’t taste much of the meat. If you order this dish, it comes with 4 wraps – perfect for families 🙂

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Beef Wraps

This Spicy Minced Meat Noodles also came with vegetables; although not a lot. We mixed the noodles with the spice so it would be evenly spread throughout the meal. I definitely feel the spicy kick for this dish though, so beware.

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Spicy Minced Meat Noodles

As their name states, I would assume Dumpling King is known or good at their dumplings dishes. We ordered their Pan-Fried dumplings as well as their Steamed Dumplings. I enjoyed their dumplings here, plus they actually make their dumplings in-house! You can view it near the cashier area. They also have tons of different fillings for their dumplings here.

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Pan-fried and Steamed Dumplings

I’ve been to Dumpling King a few times now, and I’ve always ordered the 1st dish, which was the glass noodles with soup! It’s so gooood – can’t find it anywhere else. And some variation of dumplings as well.

I definitely recommend this place, but their seating is kind of tight. They do have tables that fit about 6-7 people, but more tables of 4s. Parking here is also quite tight and somewhat limited but you can park in the back and walk.

Best thing about eating here is that I will grab bubble tea as dessert from CoCo after! 😀

Sorry that I’ve been inactive as school has been getting crazy, but I miss blogging! I hope to blog more once school is over in April.

Till next time, ♥

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