Ichiban AYCE 🍣

📍 Splendid China Tower @ Unit 1R1 and 1R2, 4675 Steeles Ave E, Scarborough

Went by to Ichiban All You Can Eat as it was one of the newer AYCEs around Scarborough. Decided to give it a shot even though the restaurant turnover in Splendid China Tower is pretty high.

Reserved a table and came here for lunch. We were seated fast and the restaurant was about a third full. We were given an iPad for our orders and was also notified that there was a mini buffet table by the side.

From the mini buffet table, there were salads (seaweed salad and mango salad), desserts and soups like miso soup hot and sour soup.

I really liked the Boiled Chicken with Chinese Herbs & Mushroom Soup. It tasted better than I thought, reminds me of a home-made herbal soup. It is pretty good for an ayce place πŸ™‚ . I drank about 5 – 6 of these while I was here, haha.

Boiled Chicken with Chinese Herbs & Mushroom Soup
Some of our meal consisted of:

  • These fried crunchy tofu! Loved the sauce and crunch while eating it.
Fried crunchy tofu
  • Nigiri sushi! Salmon, white fish, white tuna, surf clam sushi with salmon rose and spicy salmon sushi as well.
Assorted sushi ~
  • Shrimp Tempura
  • Assorted maki rolls – I don’t remember which ones we ordered…
Shrimp Tempura and more sushi
  • Salmon and Avocado Handroll – Lately I’ve been liking handrolls, plus I love avocado!
Salmon and Avocado Handroll
After that, it was dessert time. They have options on the iPad as well as by the buffet table, like mango yogurt, cream coffee pudding, coconut grass jelly, strawberry mousse, mango sago cream, etc. I only tried the cream coffee pudding – it was really good. Reminds me of an affogato.

We also ordered ice cream through the iPad –  pistachio, vanilla soft serve, red bean and green tea. The pistachio ice cream tasted nothing like pistachio… tasted like plain soft serve…. quite nasty actually.

Pistachio Soft Serve

Green Tea, Red Bean Ice Cream and Vanilla Soft Serve
Overall, this place was just okay. Food came by in a good amount of time. Only our ice cream took awhile, and we had to notify a server about that. We found the menu to be limited as compared to other Japanese restaurants during lunch time.

The washrooms here was kinda nasty, and they leave the main washroom doors open as well. I saw a mom bringing in her around 8-10 year old boy in the female washroom to pee. & His mom stood “guard” while her boy peed without closing the door. I felt super uncomfortable… Plus she was yelling at him the whole time to wash his hands, to pee, to hurry up and stuff. We made a complaint to the manager about it (since I think there’s a law about the age limit of boys going into female washrooms?) but who knows if they’re really going to do something about it..

Either way, this place is just a solid 3 in my books.

Till next time, ♥

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