Ajisen Ramen 🍜🌢

📍 7010 Warden Ave, Markham, Ontario

Came by to Ajisen Ramen for a quick dinner! Their space is super small and cramped. We were lucky that we came by before slightly before dinner time as it got packed quick and people were standing by the door, waiting for a table.

For starters, we got a Corn Salad which is a mayo, crab meat and fish eggs on a huge serving of corn. It tastes pretty good once you mix everything together. Heehee.

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Corn Salad

A couple of us ordered the same thing, which was the Tom Yum Steak Teppanyaki RamenIt’s just Tom Yum Ramen with a side of Steak Teppanyaki.

All of our meals came roughly at the same time. Even the Steak Teppanyaki and the Tom Yum Ramen! They actually gave a lot of steak pieces, but I find the Tom Yum Ramen itself to be quite plain as it was just noodles and bean sprouts. I do enjoy the Tom Yum soup base though πŸ™‚ !

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Steak Teppanyaki
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Tom Yum Ramen with bean sprouts and a side of lime

I was so full at the end of our meal. It was super filling!
As I’ve said, I really enjoyed the tom yum soup base and they gave a lot of steak which really filled me up.

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My Tom Yum Steak Teppanyaki Ramen meal

I’ve been here a couple of times before this as well.

Their customer service isn’t great. I was there once and I asked one of the girls about their lunch specials. She just simply looked at me, bug-eyed, and went “I don’t know” and left. I was just like “okay…”, and I assumed that I asked a busser instead of a server. But then I saw her taking orders from people not long after. What the f…?

Service here is also quite slow and not the most courteous on numerous occasions, but since I come here maybe once or twice a year, I’m willing to forgo their service since I usually only come to Ajisen Ramen when I’m craving for nearby ramen. The parking here isn’t exactly the best either – you can park in a bigger lot and walk or in a smaller tighter lot which may be annoying to some.

Definitely don’t expect much when you come here.

Till next time, ♥

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