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Recently a friend asked me some questions about UberEats which inspired me to do this post. If my friend had some questions, I’m sure someone out there probably has questions about UberEats too! So I’m going to try my best to break it down for you 🙂

UberEats is pretty simple and easy to use! It’s also very addicting.
You do have to download the mobile app, make an account, input your address (house or work) and credit card information. If you have used any type of online food delivery before, the food deliveries are usually based on your address. UberEats is the same!

I took some screenshots using the UberEats app to show you~
Chatime delivers, I mean, how could a girl resist?!

After ordering~

The above screenshot was taken after picking out my order from Chatime. There is a little comment section before submitting your order for any details or specific instructions you wish to give to the restaurant.

If you require stuff like condiments or tissues, or “no pickles and tomatoes”, or in my case I wrote: “extra pearls please!” for one of my bubble tea orders.

After ordering, you will be given this page to view the receipt. I also got an email as a second digital receipt.

After submitting your order, you can track your order and the app makes it so seamless. The app updates very promptly and you can allow the app to give you notifications of your order details – like when it’s being accepted, when food is on the way, etc.

As you can see at the bottom, UberEats also give a rough time estimate for your order.

What I was really intrigued by UberEats was that they give you the driver details when they are on the way for food delivery. You can see the name and photo of the driver, the car model, license plate number, rating and contact of the driver.

The GPS map UberEats provide is super handy and pretty cool in my opinion – look how far technology has come to, guys!

You can also pick an option to have your food delivered to your door or they wait outside and you go out and get it. But why wouldn’t you want the food delivered to your door? I guess this might be helpful for work environments or people who live in apartments and condos.

The estimated delivery time does fluctuate here and there so I would rely more on the app’s notification as my original estimated delivery time was cut by 20 minutes by the end of my delivery.

A few things to note while using UberEats:

  • There’s a minimum delivery fee of $5 goes to Uber, not the driver.
  • Tipping is optional with UberEats, but I still suggest you tip the driver as they are the ones driving to deliver you your food. Especially if the weather is bad, cmon!
  • Update: You can now tip your drivers through the app! Although some drivers haven’t seem to activate it yet, but it’s definitely easier to tip through there.
  • The menus might be different on the app and in-store. For Chatime, they didn’t offer their slushes and only offered more tea-based drinks.
  • Some food prices are a little bit more expensive for delivery than going in-store. Along with the additional $5 delivery fee, it might amount to quite a sum.

UberEats is so easy to navigate around which leads to addiction. Hahaha. I had to limit myself or else all my money will go to UberEats 😂💸

I hope this helped with the process of using UberEats! I wish more delivery services available at my area but I’ll be fine with UberEats for now 🙂 .

Till next time, ❤️

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own and based on my experience only. Please also note that the app does update so my photos may not be the exact UI that it is now.




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