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📍 329 E 1st St, Los Angeles, USA

Marugame Monzo always had huge waits outside whenever I walk by it. But lucky me for when I arrived around 12 – 1 PM on a Tuesday afternoon, there wasn’t any wait and I was seated immediately. There was actually a wait list by the door with a couple of names on there.

I was seated next to the bar and I saw a worker making the udon fresh right through a glass panel. It was mesmerising to watch him work while waiting for my food.

Los Angeles, USA - Marugame Monzo - Mentai Butter Squid Udon - helloteri
Marugame Monzo – Mentai Butter Squid Udon

I absolutely loved the Mentai Butter Squid Udon! The udon was super soft and easy to bite whereas the squid was super chewy and it melted in my mouth. The sauce had a buttery cream texture which didn’t end up tasting heavy. It had more of a light texture, which was good since I had this for breakfast. I really liked the sauce with the udon, I couldn’t stop myself from eating.

Los Angeles, USA - Marugame Monzo - Beef Udon - helloteri
Marugame Monzo – Beef Udon

This is the Beef Udon. It may look simple, but you can definitely taste the udon much better than the Mentai Butter Squid Udon since that dish had more things going on. Marugame Monzo gave a good amount of beef chunks to pair with the noodle and the beef chunks were easy to bite. With chunks, you expect a little bit more toughness but not from what I had experienced.

Seriously, the udon noodle was so soft, chewy and just so yummy!! I can’t explain it any further, you seriously have to go and try for yourself! Plus, my experience was definitely better since there was no wait when I went, haha.

Till next time, ♥

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