Daiso Charcoal Face Mask πŸ’†

Daiso Black Peel Mask

Post wisdom teeth surgery means more time at home = face mask time! So I thought I’d make a post that’s different than my usual πŸ™‚

I bought this Charcoal Peel Mask from Daiso when I was in Singapore. In case you haven’t heard of Daiso, it’s essentially a Japanese dollar store – ranging from $1 to $5 (I think). It’s a cheap store and you can grab a lot of random stuff from there.

On to the face mask!
The instructions were to apply and spread it evenly onto your face, let it dry and to pull from the bottom up. The bottle also recommends to exfoliate, cleanse or wash your face before applying and to not use the mask more than twice a week.

It took about 15 minutes for everything to harden – but I guess it also depends on how thick you’ve applied it. Peeling it off was easy and it didn’t rip off in bits and pieces, which is great!

“Formulated with the natural ingredients from Oak trees, it removes oil and all dirt and deeply cleans the pore, leaving your skin clearer with less visible pores.” 

The mask did take off a number grime off my face! Most on my nose rather than anywhere else on my face. So far for the price I paid (which I want to say is about $3-5 for this bottle), it’s working pretty well and I can’t complain much! For the value I paid, I’d say go for it! But I bought this in Singapore… I tried searching the face mask up online and the prices were steep (for me at least).

Till next time, ♥

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