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Stumbled upon the food truck section and went for the Middle Feast Food Truck because I love shawarmas. The line up was the longest for that food truck as well, so you know it must be good, haha. Apparently, they participated in The Great Food Truck Race and were Season 5 Champions.

It was also lucky that we came by early as more people dropped by and the line ups started to get pretty long…


We got the Chicken Shawarma and Lamb Shawarma. The Chicken Shawarma had a tad of curry taste to it, which gave it a different flavour than the lamb. I suppose without the curry flavour, it would be plain. The Lamb Shawarma was much juicier and more flavourful than the chicken (as expected from lamb). I usually go for Chicken Shawarmas when I try new places but I should really get into the habit of ordering Lamb instead.

They gave so much meat and it was kind of messy to eat the shawarmas, but it was all good since there were washrooms nearby and I had brought ample tissue packets.

The only thing that caught me off guard was the price. I didn’t expect it to be so pricey… it rounded up to about $15 for one shawarma. No doubt that the shawarma tasted good, but I wouldn’t pay that price again.

Have you seen the Middle Feast Food Truck around LA? What’s your go-to meat when ordering a shawarma?

Till next time, ♥

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