Yard House 🍝

📍 800 West Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, USA

I’m so behind on these LA posts, aren’t I? Haha.

Came to Yard House spontaneously and I fell in love with this place. This restaurant is probably one of the biggest restaurants I’ve seen – with high ceilings and a super huge bar. Since I came around dinner time, there were tons of customers and servers. Despite it having a huge bar, I saw a couple of families dining here as well.

Los Angeles, USA - Yard House - Tomato Bisque Soup - helloteri
Yard House – Tomato Bisque Soup

For starters, I had the Tomato Bisque Soup which was creamy and delightful. I haven’t had Western soups in awhile so that hit the spot!

Los Angeles, USA - Yard House - Chicken Penne - helloteri
Yard House – Chicken Penne

The Chicken Penne was decent and nothing special. As you can see, there’s a couple bits of mushrooms and broccoli in there.

The Chicken Penne also came in two sizes, at different prices.

Los Angeles, USA - Yard House - Lobster Garlic Noodle - helloteri
Yard House – Lobster Garlic Noodle

The Lobster Garlic Noodle, however, only came in one size. Yard House definitely did not skimp out on the lobster pieces. I couldn’t finish my meal and my companion had to eat some up for me.

The food was overall amazing and they give huge servings as well (or is it a standard American serving size?) Haha. The service received was superb here – shout out to our server Anastasia! Although our bill came with a mistake, she cleared it up for us instantly. She came by to check on our table a lot, refilled our waters and we didn’t even have to flag her down for the bill since she came by so often. Some people may find this annoying but I find that in Western restaurants, the servers don’t come by often and I’m left waiting and trying to hunt down a server so I definitely appreciate Anastasia’s service when we went to Yard House.

As for the ambiance of the restaurant, I personally found the washroom was a little bit too dark for my liking. The atmosphere was quite loud with music bumping and television screens showcasing sports. The booth we were seated in was huge, plus with the surrounding noise made it slightly hard to have a conversation.

Overall, I had a great time dining here and would definitely come back. Thank the stars, we were seated quickly too since it was dinner time and was crazy busy.

Till next time, ♥

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