Old Firehall Confectionery 🍬

📍 170 Main Street, Unionville, Ontario

Are you sick of Old Firehall Confectionery and their macarons? I’m not. As most of the selection Old Firehall did not appeal to me, I only attained 3 different flavours this time.

This time around, I tried the Hazelnut, Vanilla and (the last!) Pumpkin macaron they had on display.


(anti-clockwise): Pumpkin, Vanilla, Hazelnut

Hazelnut The Hazelnut flavour has cute nuts decorated on top of it and definitely looked adorable, plus, Hazelnut flavours always reminds me of Nutella… and I love Nutella! So I snagged two – 4.5/5

Pumpkin – Because it’s Fall, and since it was the last one, I decided to go for it even though I’m not a super into pumpkin. The Pumpkin flavour actually tasted quite mellow and not as strong as I thought, so it was quite nice. But since the taste wasn’t that distinct, it doesn’t taste much like pumpkin at all.. more like a regular macaron (whatever regular is). So, a 3/5 from me.

Vanilla – Simple and basic, Vanilla was the other flavour that I would’ve bought from Old Firehall that day. Not very interesting since it’s just Vanilla, so a 3/5 as well.


My macaron haul of the day~

Sadly, the flavours this time around didn’t intrigue me as much… Also not sure why I keep coming back to Old Firehall for macarons, hahaha. I should really venture to a more macaron/cake focused restaurant.

One thing I should mention as well is that the packaging aspect just keeps decreasing. The first time, it was in a plastic box with their logo/sticker on it. The second time, it was in a plastic bag with a golden tie-knot and had a backing at the bottom… but the girl serving me gave me a brown bag with their logo on it. But this time, it was just simply in a plastic bag and didn’t even look like it was from Old Firehall and she didn’t offer to give me a bag (like in the 2nd photo) so I just took it as it is… The pictures are organized as how I’ve been receiving my macarons, for the past 3 times.

Something small since their macarons this time tasted better than my second occurrence but still… it’s about the whole experience and package, right?

Maybe it’s something they should consider working on since they are a well-known dessert store.

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Till next time, ♥

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