Smith Bros Steakhouse

📍 880 Warden Avenue, Scarborough, Ontario

Smith Brothers Steakhouse Tavern is, of course, known for their steaks! We wanted to try somewhere new that isn’t The Keg or Canyon Creek.

We made a reservation but still had to wait a little bit as they had a party on the table and they were trying to usher the table out. Not sure how they managed to ‘usher the table out’, but we managed to sit within 15 minutes, though it was still slightly after our reservation time. Throughout the entire process, the hostess and manager kept us updated regarding the situation.

Smith Bros Steakhouse

Menus were simple and easy to read! They do not offer that many options which can be a good or bad sign. Good because this means that this restaurant definitely specializes in steaks by not having much to offer. Bad because if you come with a group and some of your friends do not wish to eat steak, there’s only a small handful of options to choose from.

Our server, Roy, was really nice and took care of our group well. He started us off with bread and butter after taking our orders. We were given about 3 baskets of bread. Their butter was really soft and creamy, which I liked. It made it easy to spread on the bread!

Bread with butter

This is the 10oz Sirloin Steak with Mushroom Cabernet Sauce and Fresh Matchstick FriesI think it’s pretty cool how they put the sauce separately in a gravy tin like that. I tried the Matchstick Fries and I don’t really like how thin it was – I could barely taste it. 🙁

10oz Sirloin Steak with Mushroom Cabernet sauce and Matchstick Fries

This one is mine!
I ordered the 7oz Steak with Mushroom Cabernet Sauce with Baked Potato and all my toppings were on the side. My Baked Potato toppings included sour cream, butter and chives – pretty standard.

Personally, I don’t drink alcohol that much so I tasted the Cabernet in the sauce after 2-3 bites. One of my friends who drinks regularly even stated that she can taste the wine in the sauce. So yeah, pretty strong taste and definitely not to my liking because of that. Baked Potato is always awesome, and I ordered my Steak medium rare which was done perfectly.


Steak with Mushroom Cabernet and Baked Potato

There’s many other sauces to choose from for the Steak options such as, Peppercorn Cream, Teriyaki and Crumbled Bacon & Bourbon. I tried the Peppercorn Cream sauce off another friend’s, and found it too peppery, but she liked it just fine. One of my other friends tried the Crumbled Bacon & Bourbon but I didn’t get to try it! Oh well, haha.

Overall, I found Steak Bros to be yummy and they have really good service. Though I’m not a fan of the Mushroom Cabernet sauce, I’m pretty sure I can try another sauce next time. Probably the Crumbled Bacon & Bourbon one!

Even though Smith Bros is quite a trek to get to (for me at least), I would recommend eating here 🙂 !

Till next time, ♥

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